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Bongo Boy Artist List
Here is just a sampling of the talent we've worked with.


Sara Bareilles

Anna Banana Hamilton

Bailee Barnett

Beth Is Bell

Bill McIver

Bob Olofson

Brian Zach

Buddy Reed

C Morden

Chief Vanoy

Cory Goldman

Clint Vick

​​Elisa & Brianna Penner

Evan Morden

Gabriel Birdsong

Ginger Casanova

Honky Tonk Bill Thompson


Jamie Carroll

Jason Steven Kettle

Jeff Kelley

Jeff Krohn

Jeffrey Smoller

Jimmy Foot

Joanne Rand

Kray Van Kirk

Kathy Lee

Laura Hennings

Linda Faye Carson

Lisa Beth

Maile Barnard

Mark Youdall

MC Bruce

Melanie Barnett

Mia Cassasanta

Michael Dayvid

Michael Goodman

Paul Stallworth


Prezident Brown

Rachel Beccaria

Ras Batch

Rob Diggins

Ryan Bisio

Saj Eden

Seth Barrerra

Seabury Gould


Tracy & Steve Smith

Will Ingersoll


Absynth Quintet

Angels Cut

Asha Nan

Black Cat Saints

Blacksage Runners

Collective Elements

The Colour Green

Crested Hens

Diggin’ Dirt

Djialy Kunda Kouyate

Doug Fir & The 2X4’s

Escola Nova de Samba

Flavorful Ritual

For Folks Sake

The Gatehouse Well

The Gold Brothers

The Good Homosapiens

Ghost Town Sound

Ghost Train

Greg Allen Band

The Handshakers

Jimi Jeff Band

The Karmanauts

Kindred Spirits


Lion Camp

Lizzy And The Moonbeams


Mobile Chiefing Unit

​Movers & Shakers


Nu Tone Heavenly Singers

Oyster Baes

Red Hot Shame

Secret Club

Silence In The Snow

​Something Different

Speed Of Darkness

St. John & the Sinners

Trippin' The Dew

The Vaughn Warren Quartet

Walking Bicycles


American Dad (Fox TV Network)

Disorganized Crime: Smuggler's Daughter (iHeart Radio)

Girls5Eva (Peacock Streaming)

"Keystone" Documentary - Maggie O'Dea

KQED San Francisco

Jim Spickler (BBC)

Mark Sommer

Milo Murphy's Law (Disney Channel)

The Ukulady

Jingle/Film Cue

Holistic Hooves


Plus many more...

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