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Equipment & Gear

There's no better way to befriend a musician than to talk gear.  So let's.

Our closet of high-end microphones have been collected over 40 years and maintained in pristine condition for your use
preamps outboard gear


2x Vintage Neumann U87

Neumann USM69i

2x Bruel & Kjaer 4011 - Matched Pair

2x Royer R10 Ribbon - Matched Pair

AKG C414

Sony ECM 959A Electret

Shure KSM44 

Electro Voice 642 Shotgun
2x Audix OM-1

Electro Voice 635a

Shure SM87

Sennheiser 421

Electrovoice RE20

Sennheiser MD441U Supercardioid

Shure Unidyne III SM56

Shure SM57

Shure Beta 27

2x Shure SM58

AKG D112

Shure KSM27

Sennheiser MD 504

Sennheiser e835

Outboard Gear

2x Vintage Neve 1073 Mic Pre/EQ

2x Vintage Neve 1066 Mic Pre/EQ

Joe Meek Twin Q

HHB Radius 50 Tube Preamp & Compressor

Toft EC-1 Preamp, Compressor & EQ

2x dbx 160xt Compressor/Limiter

BSS Dynamics Processor 2 Channel

JBL M712 Stereo Gating Compressor/Limiter


Presonus StudioLive 24.4.2 AI

Presonus' StudioOne 6

More plug-ins than I can write-out here!
Custom Built Studio Computer

Sony Sound Forge

Faderport Production Control Center

Mastering Lab Tannoy Gold 10 Studio Monitors

Auratone 5c Speakers

Rupert Neve Designs Precision Headphone Amp

Rane Headphone Amp (with 5 separate mixes)

Sony MDR7506 Headphones


1971 Fender Precision Bass

90's Danelectro Bass

1980 G&L S500 Electric Guitar

Akai Professional MPK88 Keyboard/MIDI Controller


1962 Fender Reverb unit

1977 Fender Princeton ReverbBoss Vocoder Pedal

Maxon OD-9 Overdrive Pedal

Aphex Bass Xciter

L.R. Baggs Para Acoustic D.I.
Otari MX5050 Half-track/Quarter-track

Adat XT 20

Sony TC 850 Professional Cassette Deck

1980s Seymour Duncan 100w Convertible (with many preamp modules)

Sony DAT Machine

Photo By Sierra Farquhar Photography

Photo By Sierra Farquhar Photography

Photo By Sierra Farquhar Photography

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