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Bongo Boy Studio
Recording | Mixing | Mastering

Welcome to our studio! Bongo Boy is a professional recording and music production facility located in Mckinleyville, CA.
Come and record your music with an experienced engineer in a focused and relaxed atmosphere in beautiful Humboldt County on the Northern California Coast.

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Studio Services
Home Service
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Song Production 
(remote or in-person)

You’ve written an amazing song — now is the time to work with a professional producer to bring out it’s full potential. Producer/Artist Dominic Romano will meet with you and talk about your ideas for the song. He will then build you an arrangement and backing track from the ground up that you absolutely love. After that, just record your vocals and we mix & master the entire song. You don’t need to know how to do everything to be an incredible artist, you just need to work with the right people who understand your vision. Give us a call or send a message to see if the professional song production process would be a good fit for your project.


With top of the line gear, an acoustically treated room and versatile engineers, bring in your projects to multi-track or to record live with a band. Create and capture your next sounds at Bongo Boy Studio.

Michael Dayvid working on his album "Tea & Secrets" at Bongo Boy Studio
Bongo Boy Studio Mixing Console

(remote or in-person)

Book your Mixing session at Bongo Boy Studio and work with Dominic Romano to realize your unique sound. We work efficiently and with great attention to detail in order to get you that professional studio sound. Either work with tracks recorded with us, or send us ones you've recorded yourself to be professionally mixed.

(remote or in-person)

So you've completed your entire project and want to give your music that extra boost to make sure it's radio-ready and that it stands out in the noise of today's musical landscape. Bongo Boy offers professional Mastering services whether you recorded and mixed your project here or are bringing us one that you recorded elsewhere. 


Music Release Consultation
(remote or in-person)

Have questions about distribution and release of your music? Dominic can meet with you for a one time session to create an outline and give direction, or be booked multiple times to walk through each step with you to teach you how manage yourself as an indie artist.

- Copyright

- Digital Distribution

- CD Duplication

- Marketing and Social Media

- Lot's of other things

Cassette Tape

Audio & Video Preservation

Trusted by local libraries & organizations, as well as individuals who want their family memories preserved we have been digitizing and archiving projects for years!

Audio transfers from Cassette Tapes, Vinyl, 1/4" & 1/2" tape reels, 8 tracks, CD's and more.

Additional Services Include:

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